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February 9, 2012
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Tenten woke up to a curious sense of peace, though it was late and sunlight was practically pouring into her bedroom. Pulling away the covers from her petite structure, the brunette made a mental note to get a heater – the mornings there had a tendency to be unbearably cold. Automatically, though reluctantly, she began to put some distance between herself and the warm bed taunting her to lie back down. With a resolute sigh she made her routine journey towards the bathroom. A quick glimpse at the clock brought the semi-conscious female back to reality. She was running extremely late for the most important day in her career life – her first day on her new job.

After a warm, however rushed shower, she brushed her teeth and combed her chestnut tresses into a neat bun – her bangs still in place, she had a long antagonizing debate with herself as she contemplated on what to wear. Then she recalled something that was posted on her boss's facebook profile; he liked the colour brown. It was ridiculous, yes. Some may argue that it was a desperate attempt – but as it works out, brown was her favourite colour as well. So then, it would be safe to assume that her colour choice was based upon her colour preference rather than that of her boss.

She finally decided upon the brown business suit that she had bought just for the said occasion. It made no sense to change her mind now anyways. But the suit was too fitting for her comfort: the deep chocolate-coloured skirt ended just above the knees – enough to show her long elegant legs. And the blouse in a lighter shade of brown which looked almost cream, started low enough for a tempting glimpse of her creamy breasts. Luckily, the cute jacket that came along with the suit concealed all her upper feminine assets away from prying eyes. She slipped her feet into a pair of matching brown pumps and smirked at her reflection.

Now, Tenten had never been one to appreciate nor praise physical beauty anymore than was necessary. In all honestly, she thought she was rather plain, but this morning she felt the need to acknowledge the rosiness of her cheeks, her cherry lips, the singular radiance of her auburn orbs, her perfectly tanned complexion, her luscious curves and that killer derriere.

Breakfast was slightly heavier than usual, but she shrugged it off as a way of coping with the startling anxiety that loitered in her churning stomach. By the time she had finished wolfing down her breakfast consisting of three pancakes, an egg and bacon sandwich, a small bowl of Frosted Flakes and a cup of coffee – it was a wonder how she managed to keep her figure – she grabbed her soft brown coloured handbag and her car keys and headed out of her flat.

It was 7:45 when she checked the time, seated in her car stuck in the morning traffic. The sound of faint music emitted from the car's speakers. She had fifteen minutes to make it over to the Uchiha Industry and judging by how moderately the traffic was advancing, it'd take twice that time or more to get there.

"Late on the first day Tenten, genius!" she muttered, gripping the steering wheel in utter displeasure and self-pity. "Who gets fired before they're hired?" she asked herself, knowing that would probably be the case if she didn't find a way to get out of the never-ending queue of cars. It was indeed disgraceful that she was supposed to be someone's personal assistant when she could barely even manage her own time... or life for that matter.

The traffic light hit green and the cars began to slowly accelerate, and just as she was about to beat the stop light, a black sports car came out of nowhere – more like the pit of hell – and snatched away Tenten's well deserved opportunity to escape this bumper to bumper chaos.

"MORON!" she yelled. "Fucking moron..."

She slapped her palm against her horn indicating her irritation but the black sports car was long gone, leaving the dark haired female to fume behind her wheels at the front of the queue.

To irate the brunette even more, when she arrived at her anticipated destination, the security at the gate refused to give her access to property, claiming that she if she didn't present authentic identification he'd have to ask her to remove her presence from Uchiha's property. She explained to the arrogant security guard that she wasn't an official employee there yet until her potential boss approved, but the damn stubborn man would not hear of it.

"Identification please," he kept on requesting.

"I don't like repeating myself," she said venomously.

The man chuckled. "I'm just pulling your leg honey, we were told to expect you... Tenten," he said patronizingly; her name rolled off the tip of his tongue quite derisively and she growled inwardly; mainly because she didn't like the way he said her name.

Another car came up behind her and started to honk continuously, obviously annoyed but the hold-up. Tenten flushed out of embarrassment. First day and she'd already made an enemy, however faceless him or her may be. Checking her rear-view mirror she was more enraged rather than dumbfounded when she recognized the same car that had previously overtook her, resulting in her unreasonably lack of punctuality on her first day of work.

"Hold on, I'm tending to someone," the security shouted. At the sound of that, the honking stopped.

"Impatient brat," muttered the man, and Tenten found herself snickering to herself as she drove off; the black car following close behind.

She drove for what seemed like hours trying to find somewhere to park her car. And for a second she could have sworn that she was lost – Tenten most definitely had been driving in circles. When she had finally located a free parking space, the said black car sped past her and beat her to it, nearly killing her in the process; their cars almost collided when he decided to overtake her – mindless of the fact that the drive-way was narrow and only provided sufficient space for one car.

So now, not only did she have to continue roaming for another free space, but she'd also be extremely late for her meeting. Angry tides of rage flooded every last bit of her being. Killing the engine, Tenten swung her long slender legs out of her car and started walking towards the sport car, where the driver was currently making his way out. Fuming, she was about to give him a piece of her mind.

"Are you blind, I was going to park there!" she yelled, throwing her hands up frustration. "You could have killed me!"

"Don't worry your pretty little head, I'm sure all of you are very much intact," he ran his eyes along the length of her body, causing her cheeks to burn and her posture to go rigid – more out of irritation rather than embarrassment. "No harm done."

"Did you purchase your license?" she snapped, but it was a serious question. Obviously he thought that she was joking because he chuckled. "You could have killed me!" she stressed.

"But I didn't," he countered, walking away.

She scowled and shouted after him, "Where am I supposed to park now?"

"That's your problem, not mine," he said coolly.

"Jerk!" she muttered to herself, retreating to her car to begin her tedious voyage around the parking lot once again.

After what seemed like endless driving around she finally found a free parking space, cautiously peering in her rear view mirror lest there be another bastard lurking around just waiting to delay her pursuit of solace and sanity. She breathed a sigh of relief when she backed up her car without any interference. With her head held high, bag in hand and a very noticeable fabricated smile, Tenten made her way towards the main entrance to the enormous skyscraper. She marveled at the verdant immaculate lawn, the pristine glass doors and windows, the vast amount of security cameras put in place and the variety of lavish looking motor vehicles that adorned the asphalted parking lot bordered by small palm trees and hibiscus plants.

The cool rush of the air-conditioned atmosphere that resided inside the building was the first thing that greeted Tenten, that... and the beaming pretty dark-haired woman that sat at the front desk.

"You must be Tenten?" she asked.


"You're late." She pointed an accusing finger at the brunette but she smiled, showing a row of even white teeth, bringing out her dimples and igniting her midnight orbs. "I'm Shizune!" She stood and shook Tenten's hand rather enthusiastically. "Sakura should be here any minute to escort you up," she informed her, then went back to the stack of papers on her desk.

The clicking of heels against the tiled floor brought Shizune's head up from her desk again. "That must be Sakura," she said.

Tenten was astonished to see a woman with a fair head of pink locks – that was just genetically incorrect – and the most beautiful shade of emerald eyes. She wore a grey skirt suit quite similar to Tenten's and her hair was left down reaching just below her shoulders. However peculiar the colour of her hair was, Tenten had to admit that it set Sakura apart from the rest of the female population; very few people could be born with pink hair and actually appear so natural and beautiful with it.

"Good morning Tenten, Mr. Uchiha is expecting you," the pinkette said casually; there was something very professional about her. She turned to gave Shizune a warm smile. "How's Iruka and the kids?"

"They're doing great," was Shizune's reply – quite proudly if the enormous smile on her face was any indication.

In a matter of minutes, Tenten and Sakura were coming of the elevator on what seemed to be the fifteenth floor. They came upon a door which had Mr. Uchiha engraved on it, and for some reason, Tenten's palms grew sweaty and her stomach wouldn't stop churning.

"Relax," Sakura smiled, rubbing her back in a sort of motherly way that made her blush.

"I don't understand why, but I'm sort of nervous," Tenten admitted.

"There's no need to be, you already got the job."

Before she had the chance to ask any questions, Sakura pressed the buzzer and almost instantly she was buzzed in.

"Come on, you're already late." Sakura led her inside and closed the door. Tenten flinched; the temperature inside this particular office was drastically lower than that of the outside. They stumbled upon a tall blonde woman sitting on the desk, legs crossed and a mischievous grin on her face.

"They're here," she announced, her cerulean eyes running idly over the foreign brunette. Something seemed to have amused her because she began to snicker, and Tenten felt her cheeks began to burn out of mortification. Tenten was awestruck by the unearthly beauty that this particular golden-haired woman possessed. But she was appalled when their gaze locked – there was something very sinister lurking in those brilliant blue eyes of hers.

"Thank you Sakura, you can leave now," came the smooth baritone of a male's voice which seemed to have been coming from the chair turned towards the window. Tenten shivered – the voice reeked with authority.

"Good luck," Sakura bid softly, then left.

"You can't be serious baby; you're replacing me with a brunette," the blonde asked getting off the desk to further scrutinize her, as though looking for reasons to approve or disapprove. She turned back to the desk and snickered. "You can do better that this."

Tenten squirmed lightly under the woman's critical eyes – steely and cold.

"Ino," said the voice calmly. "Leave."

Ino pouted, "But I – "

"Get out!"

Tenten flinched, but Ino, who seemed to be accustomed to his strident voice whenever it was that he wasn't having his own way, sighed out of defeat and complied. As soon as the door closed behind her, Tenten took her respective seat adjacent to her new boss.

There was an awkward silence and the more Tenten waited for him to say something, the more anxious she got. She began to fidget – she felt intimidated by the fact that she couldn't see his face.

"Good morning Mr. Uchiha," she said, breaking the silence.

"Site," he ordered.

"Yes sir, Mister Uchiha sir," she said, then bit her lip out of sheer annoyance with herself. What did this look like, the fucking military? "I'm sorry for being –"

"Please call me Sasuke," he cut her off. "Mister Uchiha makes me sound old." He spun his chair around and smirked at her. Instinctively she stood up when his onyx gaze fell to her stunned expression. "Or do you prefer moron?"

"You?" she gave out, grimacing.
The Office Affair
Chapter One

Amazing Illustration for this chapter: [link] The preview image was drawn by a great artist, :iconaiishiteruxsasaki: ~AiishiteruxSasaki

Mixing business with pleasure was highly risky, but so was falling for her ruthlessly sexy employer who made it clear that he was only interested in her for ONE thing! Rated M for Mature Readers Only.

Couples: SasuTen, SasuIno, NejiSaku, NejiIno, NaruHina.

A/N: This was re-written; hopefully it was a step up from the original.

If you like my work, please add to your :+fav:s! To be updated on the new chapters, please add me to your :+devwatch:.

~princesshyuuga01 :star:

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cas42 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
Hmmm... Good start.

You do a very nice job with the opening. You paint us a neat little picture of Tenten, but you still leave enough mystery around her, that we the readers are still expecting some surprises and haven't pigeonholed her into one archetype or another.

As far as introducing other characters... Again you give us enough details to let us know what to expect from the main ones.... Sasuke's an egomanical jerk, Ino is... shall we say the 'fem fatale' of the piece? Sakura and Shizune are harder to peg down but I'm sure they will become clearer as the story progresses.

Oh... And this bit:

""Please call me Sasuke," he cut her off. "Mister Uchiha makes me sound old." He spun his chair around and smirked at her. Instinctively she stood up when his onyx gaze fell to her stunned expression. "Or do you prefer moron?"

"You?" she gave out, grimacing."


It's a very catchy way to end the very first chapter.

Raimoundo Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012
Idk why but I feel like I've read this be4
princesshyuuga01 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
On the fanfiction account maybe? :XD:
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Insomniac645 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012
So cool
You are a good writer
princesshyuuga01 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
If you like my work, please add to your :+fav:s! To be updated on the new chapters, please add me to your :+devwatch:.
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